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We are engaged as one of the most prominent Manufacturer and supplier of Rotary Disc Atomizer which are used in Spray Dryer to atomize the feed into fine droplets .The pattern of droplets of atomized liquid depends upon several factors like liquid properties, disc speed, disc design. The viscosity of liquid is also one of the factors for spray dried product.

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M/s ShreeSai Equipments Offers Different Types of Models for Rotary Disc Atomiser

Different Types of Models for Rotary Disc Atomiser
Sr. No. Models Wheel Diameter RPM Min RPM Max MOC
1. SSATM - 60 60mm 16000 22000 As per Client Requirement
2. SSATM - 100 100mm 15000 22000 As per Client Requirement
3. SSATM - 160 160mm 12000 16000 As per Client Requirement
4. SSATM - 210 210mm 10000 14000 As per Client Requirement
5. SSATM - 250 250mm 9000 10000 As per Client Requirement
6. SSATM - 350 350mm 6000 8000 As per Client Requirement

Types of Wheels of Rotary Disc Atomizer

  • Standard Type Wheel
  • Pin Type Wheel
  • Curved Vane Type Wheel
  • Slotted Type Wheel
  • Umbrella Type Wheel


  • Rust and Heat Resistant
  • Easy Operation
  • Less mixing Time